Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Win – Proud & Happy!

Rumors were out about the Hollywood celebrity Halle Berry that she had done plastic surgery. Well, those were about her nose and breasts. The former model is aged 46 and managed to look young at this age. But did she undergone knives to get this youthful skin and appearance? It’s not only about the wrinkles or lines, there’s some other changes also.

Breast Implants

First noticeable change in Halle Berry is her breasts. It seems that she had upgraded her breast size to 36C. Breast implants are common among actresses and models. But only few had done at this almost-middle age. Well, age doesn’t matter in case of Halle. Because she was born with natural beauty and maintained a perfect body structure.

Halle Berry breast implants

The implants made her look better and it suits well. Halle Berry is lucky to have the natural look even after the surgery. It’s actually very hard to maintain beauty when you’re at 40. It’s the age when the wrinkles, forehead lines and other aging signs appears. I’ve seen some celebrities who has done plastic surgeries a lot of times and ruin their face. But Halle has done it in a perfect amount and she chose the right surgeon.

Nose Job

The next thing about Halle Berry is her nose. The size and shape of it got changed. You know that the nose is actually important to a model. Because a small change can make the face a lot difference. So, the celebrity has done nose job for better look. But I don’t know why she had done this. It was actually not so bad and there were no imperfections before.

Halle Berry plastic surgery

If you check the pictures of her before surgery, you can see that her nose was little wide. And in the recent pictures the nose seem changed a bit. It got slim and yeah, better than before. Just like breast implants this one also got good results. The size of the nostrils got reduced after the surgery. I think Halle was not comfortable with her big nose. ​

It is a good thing that she got desired results from the rhinoplasty. Her nose after the work suits her face well. It is one of the risky procedures among plastic surgeries. Because the chances are too low if the surgery fail.​

12. August 2013 by Caty Stud
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