Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants & Nose Job

Kate Hudson is rumored to have plastic surgery. The American actress has had nose job and breast implants. Her looks totally got changed and more stunning now.

The Golden Globe award winner turned 33 this year.  Kate want to keep the young look.  You know, appearance is considered to be everything for a Hollywood star.

Kate Hudson enhanced her total body through surgical and cosmetic procedures. As I said before, she had done rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

The results of surgery were successful and she is happy with that. Luckily, the surgery was not over done.
It’s perfect, Isn’t it ? Surgeon didn’t messed up her face like others in celebrity plastic surgery fail list.
She got the best results because she chosen the right experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Implants


Okay, let’s examine her old pictures. You can see Penny Lane with flat chest. But what now ? Her bosoms starts growing and got bigger in size.

It is not naturally grown up. Surely because of implants. It doesn’t look like fake one because of medium cup size and is tear drop shaped.

Kate was not at all happy with her flat chest. And she decided to pump them up. Surgeon used Silicone gel for the process. The breast enlargement made great impact on her.

Rhinoplasty – Nose Job


Nose molding is one of the common plastic surgery among Hollywood celebrities. Stars choose to have it done because they were not satisfied with the size and shape of their nose.

The talented actress, Kate Hudson, also had nose job. By comparing the old  and recent pictures, we can see that the shape of her nose got changed a bit. The big, round tipped nose is changed to narrow, thin and a beautiful one.

The “new” nose suits her face well. Rhinoplasty made enormously good to Kate’s self esteem.


28. March 2013 by Caty Stud
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